Renewable Energy

  Pyrus Energy offers more than renewable energy systems; we offer renewable energy solutions.  With expertise in multiple technologies, we give our clients honest evaluations and recommend systems that offer the best return on investment at their specific sites.  Whether it be one system or an integration of systems, Wind TurbinesSolar PVSolar Water HeatingGeothermal, and Micro-Hydro, Pyrus Energy provides results.  


Wind Turbines

Light industrial, agricultural, commercial, municipal and residential use.

Solar PV Panels

Silent, no moving parts, minimal maintenance. Traditional roof mount, ground mount and pole mount systems.




Solar Hot Water

The free energy from the sun makes an ideal source to economically heat your water.

Geo-Thermal heating and cooling

A geothermal heat pump doesn't create heat by burning fuel, like a furnace does. Instead, in winter it collects the Earth's natural heat through a series of pipes, called a loop.


Hydro-Electric power

Think of 24 Hours per day, 365 days a year of power generation. If you have moving water with an elevation change you may have a great Hydro Power site.


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Which renewable energy options are you most interested in?


At the site where you are thinking of adding a renewable energy system, how many acres of land do you own?

Do you have a roof that faces south and isn't shaded?


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